The Whiskey Exchange – Joseph J. Magliocco

Joseph J. Magliocco

Joseph J Magliocco is the president of Michter’s.

Joseph started working in the spirits industry immediately upon completing his studies at Harvard Law School. During his time in the business, he has worked with, among others, RC Wells, former president of Four Roses, and Dick Newman, former president of Austin Nichols. In the 1990s, collaborating with Newman, Magliocco resurrected the Michter’s brand, abandoned since the Pennsylvania company went bankrupt at the end of the 1980s.

Over the years he has worked in many areas of the drinks industry, from spirits to beer and wine. His achievements in the latter led to him being inducted as a Commander de L’Ordre du Bontemps de Medoc et de Graves in Bordeaux in 1999, and he is also one of the founding members of Kentucky’s Order of the Writ.

These days, he leads Michter’s as the company continues its expansion, both at home and overseas.

Source: The Whiskey Exchange

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