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Michter’s Cuts Toasted Barrel for 2016 and Announces Expansion

Michter’s announced that they will not be releasing their Toasted Barrel bourbon in 2016. In a press release issued today they indicated a shortage of bourbon as the reason. Michter’s distillery president, Joseph J. Magliocco, stated that it was a difficult decision to make, but necessary, “The problem is every drop of our Toasted Barrel Bourbon that we release this year is one less drop of our Michter’s US*1 Bourbon that we have to allocate to our distributors and importers.”

Expansion is underway at Michter’s distillery to remedy the shortage.

Joseph J. Magliocco
Joseph J. Magliocco

The current capacity of the Louisville, Ky. facility is 500,000 proof gallons per year. When operations resume in August, after a maintenance shutdown period, the capacity will be doubled to 1,000,000 proof gallons per year.

As part of its plan to bring supply into better balance with demand for its ryes, bourbons, and whiskeys, Michter’s has been taking steps that will double its M2 distillery’s capacity. Located in the Shively section of Louisville, Michter’s M2 Distillery is currently operating at its maximum distillation capacity of 500,000 proof gallons per year.

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